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Mannegishi are typically short in stature, although some have reported them being as tall as five feet which is low-key uncomfy. They are humanoid (someone said I use too many "big words," so perhaps I'll add a footnote or something. Who know, I'm an enigma) with slender limbs, and six fingers on each hand. While they're short, they have a large head accompanied by two sizeable eyes. They seem to have a lot of unused real estate considering they don't have a nose or mouth.

In case you're wondering how they breathe...or if they breathe at all...well they do. Mannegishi are amphibious, they absorb oxygen from water through their skin. So don't hold one for too long or I guess your skin will get dry, or I don't know. How does a creature breathe through their skin? Well, buckle up. They're skin must stay wet in order for them to absorb oxygen, so what most amphibians do is secrete mucous to keep their skin moist. That being said, maybe don't hold them because that sounds unpleasant. Once the oxygen is absorbed, it will enter the blood vessels at the skin's surface which will then circulate to the rest of the body. If you see a dry Mannegishi, try dumping a bucket of water on it because if they get too dry, they can't breath. If you want to know more about amphibians, visit this link, that's where I got all that info because I'm not some biologist.

In summary, relatively short, lanky limbs, void eyes, and moist skin. Kind of sounds like I'm describing myself, but anyway, moving on.



Let's get this straight, at the end of the day, the Mannegishi are tricksters. They don't intend to hurt people, they simply enjoy messing with you, because why not. Some have reported them capsizing boats to steal goods, other say they've toyed with people by singing and hiding.


You'll most likely find a group of Mannegishi near bodies of water. It's said the Great Lakes are a good spot should you really want to be messed with. They're not fond of hot weather, which makes sense because they need to keep their skin moist to survive. They typically dwell in existing structured such as caves and dams. If you do find one or more Mannegishi, don't tell anybody. They reward those who remain silent, usually by helping you and your family in times of need.

Good news is that they're omnivores, just like us...humans. They don't eat people (that we know of), they're diet consists of mostly fish and insects. How they eat...I DON'T KNOW. Anyway, they're pretty harmless, however if they deem you agro (>:0, or NBT) they will do what it takes to remain hidden.

When they aren't messing with people, they'll help children in need. Mannegishi love children, and should a child have abusive parents, been abandoned, and/or unable to fend for themselves, they will help them. And by help them I mean take them away, I suppose they're a sort of child protective service.

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868



I mean all you really have to do is be nice and decent. If for some reason they really have it out for you, maybe keep a towel with you to dry them out. Oh, or maybe a heat tool of sorts, that'll get em'.



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