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The Sabawaelnu are essentially what most know as merpeople (mermaids, mermen, however one prefers). That beings said, they're upper body from the torso is humanoid, while they're lower body

To be submerged for however long the Sabawaelnu prefer to be, their humanoid skin is not the same as yours. Unfortunately, even if one has found a way to breathe comfortably underwater as to be able to peace from land, our skin does not like being underwater for long periods of time. If you didn't die from hypothermia, your skin would eventually begin to break down after several days. This would be...uncomfortable, due to the sores that will begin to form to which fungal and bacterial infections would gladly enter. These infections would occur regardless of the sterility of the body of water.

Should you wish to continue living underwater as is, fungal and bacterial infections aren't the last of the issues. Due to the pressure of the mass of water above you, it will be increasingly difficult for you body to have proper circulation to your extremities. In other words, it will be difficult to breath, i.e. imminent death.

While I have not personally caressed a Sabawaelnu (with consent), one must assume their skin is more resilient than the common human, to reject the impending breaking down of skin by the dauntless dihydrogen monoxide. And please don't interpret what I said before as me caressing a Sabawaelnu without consent either. So all of that being said, they basically have tougher skin, and I suppose their lower portion is formed of some common fish...oid.



Most say the Sabawaelnu are harmless water spirits, however that doesn't mean they don't have some abilities that could mess one up. They're staring power is the ability to create storms. In their spare time, they're also said to sing warnings of impending storms. Should you be able to learn to interpret those songs, that may be helpful if you live along the coast or own a boat or something. If someone on the Poseidon had that skill, maybe things would have turned out differently for them, who knows. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, click the link above, or here.



Alright, so as said prior, Sabawaelnu are a friendly folk. They're typically respectful to humans, but they are half human, so I guess they could be a times. Should they conjure a storm against you, well try to..."steer for the 'clean' side of the storm." For more info about how to protect yourself from a storm at sea, click here. To avoid the whole storm scenario, try being "nice" I guess, and some say to offer some tobacco. And since I don't think everyone keeps a pinch of tobacco on their boat, maybe try offering, well anything. Should a Sabawaelnu accept your offering, the'll typically offer back protection, good luck, and fair weather.


Fun Fact

If you find a Sabawaelnu stranded ashore, just gently move them back into the ocean. Don't be that person who dumps em in the ground or makes a whole spectacle about the situation. Remember that whole, be respectful thing, do that. Treat others how you want to be treated, I believe that's what older people preached all the time. 

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