Stick Indians

[stɪk ˈɪndiənz]

***-**-***' ** | Coast Salish



Unfortunately, due to their nature, we have little information on the Stick Indians. The Stick Indians are typically the "big bad" of the world. They're so dangerous that no one is to speak their true name, as uttering ***-**-***' ** will invoke their attack, to put it lightly. No such reaction from them has been recorded by saying their english name, Stick Indian. Their name may derive from stories of them thrusting sticks into teepees, lodges, and individuals while they slept.

Some believe they are dangerous forest spirits, others believe they are an evil race of shapeshifting monsters. Their physical description varies from tribe to tribe, some Salish and other tribes describe them as appearing similar to a large "Bigfoot-like" creature. It's unfortunate how they could possibly be mixed up, best not to approach uncommon mammals in the woods. However, the Cayuse and Yakama describe them as being forest dwarves. 



Behavior wise, Stick Indians are a bit sour. They don't have any permanent settlements, they most likely follow the food. Their typical diet being whatever they can hunt and fish. Should you come across them, expect to be added to the "whatever they can hunt" category.

Like the Mannegishi, they also enjoy playing tricks on people. Settlements have have reported them stealing fish from nets, taking off with food, and even removing men's clothes (oddly specific) all during the cover of darkness. When being toyed with, I'm assuming it's best to play along because Stick Indians are quite vindictive and vengeful when threatened. The smallest action could set them off.

They're typical sighted during the night due to their preference of being nocturnal, however sometimes they venture during in the daylight. Be careful wandering into the woods alone or in a small group, well really regardless if there any Stick Indians in the area. Go here for woods safety tips, they also have tips about caves.



Stick Indians have a variety of abilities at their disposal. One of their abilities is hypnosis where they induce a trance-like mental state on the person of their choosing. The target will be hyper-aware while seeming zoned out, and they'll be susceptible to suggestibility and hallucinations. They can also mental state and drive them into insanity. They also cause other nouns such as dread, confusion, and anxiety.

They also have the ability to whistle and laugh, which they use to lure people astray during the night. I mean this sounds obvious, but please don't wander into the woods because you thought you heard whistling or laughing. Who in the world really does that, at that point it's simply natural selection. If you really need a couple reasons why not to, well to start they're doing to EAT YOU, and research has told me they molest women, but I don't see why they'd suddenly have standards in that area. So everyone beware.

Another ability the have is the ability to straight up jump you. Other than throwing things at you, I don't believe there are any records of them using tools, but I wouldn't put it past them. That's because some believe they derive from an old tribe gone wrong. 

Last but not least, Stick Indians can shapeshift. The good news is that they're not perfect, if you look hard enough, you may notice an animal that is too large or acting strange, that's probably one of them. Another signifier is when the forest become quiet, that's also just a pro tip in general though.If all the other animals have run off and gone quiet from something, you probably should too.



First, to defend yourself from their mental attacks you can try focusing on one thing, attempt to limit those distractions. They may help you be present and fully mentally engaged. A tip beforehand may be to practice mindfulness. If you want to practice, you may replace with Stick Indian attacking you with some sort of addiction. An example would be for a phone addiction is to try not using your phone. Everytime you catch yourself trying to look at it or it tries to grab your attention with notification, try to notice what you're doing and stop. I'm not an expert, but maybe the people at Verywell Mind know more than me, check them out here

To defend yourself from being lured, try bringing a friend with common sense. They can be quite useful when one is lacking. I've tried looking up other ways, but everyone say to install an antivirus software. I'm not sure that applies.

READ THIS BEFORE THE NEXT PARAGRAPH. Yes, Stick Indians can shapeshift, but that doesn't mean every wild animal you see is one of them. Click here to find out how to survive wild animal attacks. Most of the time you're not suppose to run.

And for physical altercations, here are some tips from Evolve Daily defend yourself from an attacker which me be able to transfer over to Stick Indians. The best tip for the common person is to just run away and keep your distance, try to drain their energy. That's because if you're one on one with a Stick Indian, they'll have the upper hand, especially since there's most likely going to be more of them around.



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"...His face was long and thin and hollow. I could see every bone in his skull, the black, bloodshot eyes sunk deep..."



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