Episode 8 | Little People | Cree

This is about the Little Peoples, and a bit about the Cree...

Episode 7 | Stick Indians | Coast Salish Peoples

This episode we are talking about the Stick Indians and the Coast Salish Peoples.

Episode 6 | Walking Sam | Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe

Today we are talking about Walking Sam, also known as The Tall Man, from the South Dakota, Sioux, but more specifically, the Pine Ridge Reserve. Like always, we will start with discussing who they are.

Episode 5 | Sharp-Elbows | Grattan Massacre

The Sioux, and particularly the Lakota Sioux, are the iconic warrior horsemen of the Northern Plains. They have become perhaps some of the most known of all the Indian nations through paintings and photographs, and their confrontations with the U.S. military...

Episode 4 | The Wendigo | Algonquin Peoples

There are hundreds of stories and even at least 45 recorded variations of the word Wendigo. Basically, the Wendigo stands more than six meters tall, looks like a walking corpse and smells like rotting meat. The Wendigo is said to have glowing eyes, long yellowed teeth, sharp claws, with overly long tongues.