Season 1: Episode 1 | Introduction

Who are we?

As of 2020, The Historical Natives comprises of only two siblings. Josef Stafford, visionary, big brain...and Mackenzie Taylor. We are simply two island siblings living that small city life in our petite *vintage* apartment.

Josef Stafford

I, Josef, a small mountain settlement boy. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, beautiful British Columbia. While my nomadic (...moved one [1] time...) upbringing was dull, there were some notable instances. I'm simply some rando gay, short, native, young adult living that *vintage* city life.

Mackenzie Taylor

Copied from the homepage:

What I hope for this podcast is, that it will help bring our voices into the realm of white-dominated media. To also shine a different light onto our lore, while being respectful to those, whom these creatures originate from.

What is The Historical Natives?

The Historical Natives is an entertainment channel based out of Vancouver Island, Canada. We specialize in expressing indigenous history and creatures to enlighten individuals.

That is what we put in our profile description everywhere, but what is The Historical Natives really? THN is two natives researching, well, native history.

When did we start this adventure?

This adventure has technically been evolving for a while. We initially planned a podcast of us discussing horror culture and media. We believed we had a lot to say and could make it entertaining, but our lives where busy at the time, this was in 2015ish. Fast forward to late Coronavirus Pandemic, November 2020, we had applied to be apart of the 3C Challenge. During the five day course, we had to come up with a business idea on the spot. The idea being a podcast, was a concern, how are we going to make profit? Another idea on the spot, merchandise. Mackenzie and I can both draw, so we decided that drawing renditions of the creatures we were covering could be used to create merchandise. Well, this podcast has been a constant struggle. We had many ideas, the issue was putting them into action, and finding the energy to pursue them. To this day, we are working hard to research, write, and design native folklore.

Where do we operate?

We operate in Victoria, BC. Specifically, in our small apartment in Chinatown. While it has been alright, shipping our products here has been challenging. Most of our products are manufactured in the US, which is expensive and time-consuming, but it's what we have at the moment. In the future, we wish to work with Canadian manufacturers, leaning towards those within our community.

If you know of any apparel and accessory manufacturers, please let us know!

Why are we doing this?

We began this podcast expedition to explore and uncover native history and folklore. Aspects of our culture that have been overlooked and hidden. With limited resources, we will persevere and record our research.

Why do we focus on folklore? Because that's what we're interested in. We enjoy the horror genre, and we want to include native folklore to that category. There are plenty of creatures we wish to explore. We want to look into not only the creatures, but the peoples and lessons behind them.


Follow each week as The Historical Natives tell bone-chilling stories from the indigenous peoples of North America. We're your hosts, Mackenzie & Josef and you're listening to The Historical Natives.

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If you have any creature suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us!

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