Season 1: Episode 4 | The Wendigo | Algonquin Peoples

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Territorial Acknowledgement
    • THN Disclaimer
    • Podcast Table of Contents
  • Peoples
    • Region and groups
    • Language
    • Word of the Week
    • History
  • The Wendigo
    • Description
    • The process
    • Description contd.
    • Attributes
    • How to defeat
  • Dead Silent (Short Story)
  • Conclusion

There are hundreds of stories and even at least 45 recorded variations of the word Wendigo. Basically, the Wendigo stands more than six meters tall, looks like a walking corpse and smells like rotting meat. The Wendigo is said to have glowing eyes, long yellowed teeth, sharp claws, with overly long tongues.

If you have any creature suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us!


The Language:
Omàmiwininìmowin | 
Algonquin First Nation, Language Resource
Algonquin language, pronunciation and language


The Algonquin Region

Algonquian languages - Wikipedia


Music by:
The Show Is Over by Nora Keyes
Indigo SUN By Daniel Birch

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