Mature Stories

The Last Storm

The Last Storm

Camping in the Sticks Part 2. Mack confronts the Stick Indians in which courage and devotion alone can save his friends.

Camping in the Sticks

Camping in the Sticks

Content Warning! The following story contains vulgar language.

Friends go camping and find signs of Little People and eventually encounter them. Everything is fine until one of them gets separated and is attacked by Stick Indians.


May returns to her hometown to find peace from the city. Waiting for her grandfather, she decides to take her dog Quil for a walk into the woods.

Gravel Path

Content Warning! The following story deals with subjects of self-harm and suicide.

Jack is leaving from his night shift. Eager to arrive home, he decides to take the dark shortcut. While initially pleasant, he discovers it not to be so.

Photo by Eilis Garvey


A cop is called to investigate an odd call at the orphanage a town over. Once arriving on the scene, she knows something is not right. It is when she hears a scream, she knows she must help. However, this situation is not like anything she's ever seen from her hometown...