The winters in the plains are long and dark. There are little to no people in this area, letting the stars shine throughout the pitch black abyss of the night sky. A slight breeze caresses the grasslands along with a faint brussling of the few trees. The air is a sharp wake up to anyone leaving the warmth of their home, or car...


Typically, there's not much that goes on in the outskirts of town. I spend most of my time waiting for anything to happen. I used to be scared sitting out here, alone in the dark, but it's actually quite peaceful. Looking back, I've enjoyed growing up here, however, it's become lonely now that all my friends have left. Maybe they had the right idea, maybe I too should start anew. All I know is that this town becomes smaller every year. With my mother being the previous sheriff, I believed this was the right path. It was an easy route with little thought. But...now with all the time I have in this car...I spend much time looking back at my life.

"Heyo, Alice! How's it going out there?"

"It's quiet as ever Martin, what's up?"

"Listen, so the Bloomville Sheriff Department called and they need us to check out an odd call from the Saint Bloom Orphanage. They're a little too stretched out tonight to do it themselves, so can you drive over there to make sure everything is ok?"

"Yeah, sounds good. I'll drive right over, there hasn't been much of anything happening out here," I respond. It's better than waiting out here all night.

Following the GPS, I arrived at the orphanage. I had no idea there was one all the way out here. The building is completely dark, and surrounded by tall trees. There doesn't seem to be anyone here, it is completely silent. This place is creepy.

"Hey Martin, I just arrived at the orphanage. and I'm not going to lie...I wouldn't want to stay here."

"Copy that, have fun other there, I'm sure it's nothing"

I parked the car near the front steps. Opening the car door, I'm greeted by sharp winds. I shiver, it's too cold here, maybe I should move somewhere warm, like Hawaii or something. Walking to the door of the orphanage, I feel a sense of growing emptiness, of loneliness. This place has an uncomfortable ambiance, I don't want to be here long. Knocking at the door, there is no response.

"Hello, is anyone here? It's the police, we've received a call from this location." There's no response, it's completely quiet. Looking back at the parking lot, there's a couple cars here, there must be someone else here.


What the hell was that? It sounds like a child! "Hello, open this door, or else I will break it open!" I try opening the door, but it's locked. It looks like I'll will actually have to break it open. I've never done this before, but I have to try. I try kicking near the handle, but it pushes me back. Man, this door is solid, and it won't budge. I need to find another way in.

Running down the stairs, and around to the side, I find another door that looks like it must be the entrance into the kitchen. This one doesn't even have a handle on it and appears to be made of metal. I don't think I'm coming in that way. Quickly looking around, I see a short window with broken bars. That seems to be my best bet. Pushing on it, the opening is just big enough for me to get through.


This window is not as big as I thought it was. As I struggle to worm my way in, my hand loses grip on the windowsill letting gravity do its job. Concrete isn't exactly the best landing pad. Somehow I managed to do a front flip onto my back, and if I didn't have back problems before, I do now. This must be the basement, it's pitch black, with only cracks of light passing through the short dusted windows. The air feels thick and damp. I guess the power is out, there's probably an electrical box down here somewhere. Turning my flashlight on I look around in disgust...mold. As I look for the electrical box in silence, I start to hear a faint scratching above me. That's not creepy, I finally found the box. I'm not an electrician, but I'm guessing this box is fried. I don't know how else to turn the power back on. Then there's that odd noise again, I should go check it out.

I need to find a way upstairs and investigate what that scream was about. However, my gut is telling me to get out of here. Walking deeper into the damp basement, I find some janky wooden stairs heading to the main floor. As I walk closer to the stairs, they seem less and less stable. I swear if one of these steps snapped on me. It's so dark down here, I almost tripped on one of the steps and lost my flashlight. Reaching the door, I pull out my gun. I don't know what the situation is, and last I heard was someone screaming.

Slowly inching the door open, my nostrils are filled with a moist rancid smell. I can feel my gag reflex getting ready. Panning the room, this door led me into the kitchen. All around me is moldy food and...blood? Blood splattered everywhere. This isn't a common scene from my hometown, dashing to the sink I vomit, almost missing the sink. My eyes are watering. I need to focus, I need backup, I reach to my radio, but it seems I had broken it when I fell into the basement. I go to the metal door but it's locked shut, and it looks like it needs a key. I need to move on.

Going through a doorway, I walk into a dining room. I'm starting to feel more anxious, there are dead bodies at the table. Refocusing and looking at the scene, I'd say these people were attacked before they could eat. Which means there's a murderer in here with me. I'm not prepared for this, I need backup, I need to get to the radio in my car.

Walking out of the dining room, I've made it into the lobby. Quietly reaching for the front door, I remember it's locked, but before I could unlock, I hear another scream. This one was upstairs. I need to help them, I start running up the main stairs, but once I make it to the top, it's dead silent again. Except...for a faint scratching noise coming from the hall in front of me, however it's becoming fainter. Whatever that scratching noise is, I don't trust it.

I quietly walk to the nearest door. I don't know what exactly to expect, but I hope I can find some survivors. Just like downstairs, this room is covered in blood, but the bodies...they're children. Whoever this monster is, they're killing everything, this is a massacre! There has to be survivors, who could've called the police? 

The scratching noise is coming back, and it's becoming louder with every second, my instincts tell me to hide. There's another door in this room, maybe leading into a bathroom. I try to swiftly reach the door, but my boots are beginning to stick due to all the blood. This door did not go into a bathroom, but another bedroom. Unlike the previous room, this one was free of blood. Looking around, I see them in the corner...survivors.

In the corner, the children are huddled together, crying, and paralyzed with fear. I startle them as I walk closer. One of the children runs up to me just as a loud scratch is heard at the door. The hairs on my back stand straight, my muscles tense, and I begin to slowly turn my head, but the child whispers.


Someone is behind me. I can hear each breath. I look back at the kid. He grabs my hand.

"Don't look..." he pleads. His eyes are wide with fear.

Who is this person? Why aren't they attacking us? Whoever it is, these children are terrified of them.

"My name is Officer Layton, I'm a police officer from the Mackton Sheriff's office. I was called here because someone had called for help. Are you the person who was on the phone?"

They don't respond, all I can hear is the heavy breathing behind me. Whoever is there begin walking away, scratching with every step. What were they doing?

"She's gone," the kid says.

"Do you know who she is?" I ask. Maybe it's someone they know.

"It's a stranger. A girl came running inside one day saying something was chasing her. It came here and started hurting people. The older kids used to go out to get food and try to call for help, but they never came back"

"Is this everyone that's left?" I asked.

"I don't know," he replied. 

The scratching noise is coming closer again. Letting go of the kid, I observe the door, the handle seems to be broken. I'll need to find a safe place for these kids to hide while I try to figure out what to do.

"Do you guys know of anywhere that could be safe here?" I ask.

"There's an office downstairs that has a lock on it," one of the other children replied.

That's good, there might be a landline there. I tell everyone that we need to go to the office downstairs. They're terrified but me being a police officer seems to help. I peek into the hall and I don't see anything. We somehow made it downstairs to the lobby without running into the murderer. Where could they be? One of the kids point the way to the office. Looking inside, there doesn't seem to be anyone in here either. Once everyone has safely made it inside, I lock the door behind us. Walking towards the phone on the desk, I can see a pool of blood. There's an older kid on the floor. She must've been who initially called the police.

"Everyone look away, I need to move something..." her body is heavy, but I manage to carry her into the closet. These kids have seen enough horror. She didn't deserve this.

"Can anyone tell me what's out there?"

"It's a monster, with sharp sticks for arms, and two faces. But whenever anyone looks at one of the faces, it attacks them." A kid replies.

What does this kid mean? Maybe it's someone with knives, I don't know what the two faces are about though, perhaps a mask. I'll need to subdue them regardless. It'll be hard to find a way out of this place with the murderer out there.

"I need to stop whoever is out there, ok. You guys need to stay quiet in here, and keep the door locked. Don't open it unless it's me." They seem to understand. Man I hope this door keeps them safe from the murderer.

Walking back out into the lobby, I can hear it scratching upstairs. With my gun ready, I carefully step up the stairs. Flashing my light down the halls, it is nowhere to be seen. Coming from the corner down the hall, I hear the scratching noise, and just as I dash my eyes into that direction, I see what looks like bone scratch the corner of the wall and quickly disappear. What the hell was that? I begin sprinting after it, but when I turn the corner, there's nothing. A door at the end of the hallway slams closed and I can hear something running down some stairs. I run down the hall, but as soon as I reach the door, I hear the sound of wood breaking, and children screaming.



I rip open the door, to find myself in a stairwell with blood splattered all over. I run down the stairs, almost slipping on the blood that carpets each step. Children can still be heard screaming to the point of lifelessness. Whatever this is, it has found the rest of the kids.The stairwell led into a hallway which had another door into the office, I don't know how I missed it! The body of that girl must have distracted me...I'm now in front of the broken door where I see the office is riddled with fresh bodies. I notice something shuffle to the left, and I draw my gun. It's the boy I first interacted with, he comes running to me crying.

"I looked at it," he manages to let out before he's stabbed.

This thing, it's not human. The boys' body is thrown to the other side of the room, and this creature runs after him, it begins mutilating him. What the hell is this thing? I can't move, my eyes fixated on the horror in front of me. Looking at the back of the creature's head, I make...eye contact? There's a face on the back of it's head, and it begins to smile, a crooked smile. Everything slows down, it...it begins mouthing words to me. I see you...

Suddenly the creature turns around and I'm presented with the face of a beautiful woman who smiles wider than humanly possible. It feels as if it were staring into my soul. I need to run, but I'm struggling to control my muscles. I need to run. I finally manage to regain control of my body and I run back to the stairwell. I slam the door closed and begin jolting up the stairs. The adrenaline is kicking in. As I reach the second floor I can it breaking the door open. It's chasing me!

I have less than a second to make a decision. Do I run through the second floor and hide in one of the rooms? Or do I keep running up these stairs to wherever they lead? As I rushed to the handle, and before my hand could touch the silver, a sharp bone slashed from my shoulder to wedge between the door and the frame. I look to my left and I'm greeted with that disgustingly gleeful face. Without another thought, I lunge backwards and race up the stairs, it begins to laugh behind me. Reaching the top of the stairs I'm greeted with another door.

I rushed it open and slammed it closed, thank god this door has a lock on it. I lock the door and rest on it. Looking around it seems I'm in the attic. Please let there be another way out of here.

Then the creature rams at the door, the shock throwing me to the ground. I take my gun and empty the magazine. The creature simply laughed, as if the bullets did not do anything. I drop the gun and crawl behind some boxes, the pain of arm setting in. Looking at my arm, I'm losing too much blood. My head is starting to feel heavy, and I'm losing focus. I can hear the creature continue to bang into the door, struggling to rip it open.

In the distance I can hear sirens becoming louder. Is it more police? Maybe they can help me? I have to warn them of the creature. It's becoming harder to keep my eyes open. Peeking at the door, I don't hear anything coming from that direction. Slowly resting on the floor I begin to cry. My breath shallows, and my body tensens. It's cold here, perhaps there's a slight breeze. I don't feel my arms as much, well I don't feel much of anything really. Just as the sirens peaked, they seem to also be fading. I think...I'm just going...to rest for a bit.

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