About Us

Territorial Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

The Historical Natives is filmed and recorded on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen peoples. We would like to disclaim that even though we are called The Historical Natives, these clans and the people these creatures belong are still here today. We are simply the story-tellers and the listeners.

When did the adventure being?

2015: The idea of a podcast had been coming into conversation every lightly. Mostly during the late hours when bingeing horror movies.

2020: During the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, recently unemployed Josef and Mackenzie knew the time had come. The time to spark and fan the flames of the idea. With the mentoring and financing from the 3C Challenge, the duo had finally been able to turn what was once small talk into a small business. These starting weeks were a constant struggle, and the two were constantly working. They drove their mental capacity to the max, trying to this podcast work.

2021: At the turn of the year, a glimmer of light appears. Catherine Lafferty, a local journalism initiative reporter, contacted The Historical Natives. Not long she releases the first of hopefully many articles interviewing Josef and Mackenzie. Victoria siblings explore creatures from Indigenous stories in horror-themed podcast. A spike in podcast downloads occurs and the stress decrease. But ONLY by a micrometer, because with these two, living without a constant state of stress is not living at all. And then they drop off the face of the earth for two month due to personal...issues. Only to rise from the ashes without warning to produce Season 2! With more eagerness, and determination.


Where do we operate?

The Historical natives is Canadian born and raised in the small confines of an apartment in Chinatown. It is a quaint and peaceful life in the relatively calm petite village of Victoria.



[ Photo of Downtown Victoria, BC ]

Why are we doing this?

At the end of the day, what is the point of all this? To put it simply, lack of education. However in more depth, The Historical Natives was created due to Josef and Mackenzies lack of knowledge and understanding regarding Native American history, culture, language and beings. They grew up for the most part on Vancouver Island, off-reserve. While they did not particularly study or have vast amounts of knowledge and experience creating a podcast and running their own business, they are ever adapting. And with the little family and friends they have who are willing to help, success of whatever form will be around the corner.