Jacquelyn Carter | She/Her

Products and Marketing Lead 

For most of her life Jacquelyn grew up on the island in the Cowichan Valley surrounded by what she viewed as a small town with a deep “appreciation” to the Cowichan Tribes community. Coming from parents with two different career paths, she figured she would follow one or the other, childcare or military. To no surprise, following in her parents footsteps  never happened. Instead she fell in love with the arts and interior design. Graduating from Vancouver Island University’s Interior design program taught her to view the world differently than how she had growing up. She saw that like the way creating spaces and buildings needed to change for the environment, people had to change as well. 

With most of her time spent with her head in her growing book collection, Her parents and books had raised and taught her to always be kind, strong headed and to always have an open mind and never shy away from the difficult conversations that you can learn from. She has a large amount of this learning coming from her close friend Mackenzie, co-creator of The Historical Natives, when they met in University. Since then she has been able to learn and grow from learning to look more into what is being said in the media, and having the opportunity to learn of Mackenzie’s own culture as well.

When Mackenzie had reached out to her for help in their marketing and products, Jacquelyn could not say no, being able to be a part of this project is an honour and a privilege. Being able to help in any way possible to assist in the sharing of their culture. And bring their lifelong dream to a reality.

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