Mackenzie Taylor | She/Her

 Creative Director, Producer, Co-Host, and Co-Writer at The Historical Natives

Traditional Name: Nenookaasiwe Kwandibens/Spade | Clan: Loon & Sturgeon


Mackenzie is an Oji-Cree/Newfie, born and raised on the unceded territory of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples, during the summer of 1995. Much like the rest of the crew, she’s always dabbled in the arts, from a love of painting to performing in musicals. Growing up, she lived quite the nomadic life, moving from one place to another all over Canada. After graduating high school in Saskatchewan, Mackenzie had had enough of the ticks and cold weather. So she decided it was best to move back to the warmth of the temperate rainforest and ocean. To help achieve that goal, she applied to Vancouver Island University, in Nanaimo, where she eventually graduated with Bachelors of Interior Design.

Since graduation, Mackenzie has been doing fun-odd jobs, from working on hydrovac trucks to working as one of Santa’s elf during the Christmas season. But she’s always wanted to go back to her roots of art and design, and was given the opportunity to do so with the 3C Challenge. The 3C Challenge is an innovative program designed to empower the next generation of Indigenous Youth in British Columbia, and during this said challenge, they were given the task of brainstorming different ideas that they might have for a product or services - such as clothing, entertainment, producing, writing kids books, making bath products, etc.  Mackenzie and her kid brother Josef had always had the dream of creating a podcast, but never had a complete idea of what they could do. They knew they wanted it to be horror related, but there was always a missing component. This turned out to be culture, so with the pieces coming together, they formed The Historical Natives. At the start, it was the two siblings and a guy named Trenton, but life happened, and after the challenge, Trenton ended up dipping.  Mac and Joe decided they wanted to keep the podcast alive, but were in need of some help. They ended up reaching out to a couple of Mackenzie's closest friends, and luckily she has some great people in her corner.

Mackenzie hopes this podcast will shine a different light onto the lore, while being respectful to those, whom these beings originate from. And to also create an accessible database of Native American culture for all those to learn from.

- Thank you for taking the time to read, and have a wonderful rest of your day/evening.

Yours truly, Mackenzie Taylor (Nenookaasiwe Kwandibens/Spade)

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