Rowan Hynds | Any Pronoun


Research Assistant at The Historical Natives

Clan: Ma’ingan (Wolf)

Rowan is an Anishinaabe/Irish Two-Spirit person, born and raised on the unceded territory of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. From a very young age, Rowan exhibited a unique passion for the arts, and would dabble in almost any creative practice she could get her hands on. Their precocious nature in combination with their lived experiences as an Indigenous and queer person naturally led to a devoted interest in social justice and advocacy. Some teachers had even encouraged Rowan to consider a career in Law, but they were adamant that they needed to be an artist.

Unfortunately singing and painting aren’t known for putting food on the table, so in 2017 Rowan set out to become a legal assistant in hopes of gaining enough financial stability to support their true passions. Through this process Rowan gained valuable experience in a highly research-oriented field.

Mackenzie and Rowan share the type of kinship bond that can only be found between two people who have pretend-married each other on the playground at daycare, and from the outset of the Historical Natives project Rowan was an enthusiastic supporter. It wasn’t long before Mackenzie and Josef offered them a position as a research assistant; Rowan accepted immediately. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine their administrative skillset with their creativity, while working alongside people who shared a vision of cultural revitalization and community reciprocity. Rowan is currently responsible for researching the culture, history, and current events sections, including a Call to Action in every episode so that listeners can materially support the peoples from whom these stories originate.

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